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Barely Composed

Excerpts from Reviews of Barely Composed

W.W. Norton, 2015

Tackles enduring topics … with a mixture of elegance and agony. The emptiness of night hours, the difficulty of truth-telling and the fleeting nature of time … all of this blossoms into a dark beauty.

The Washington Post


A remarkable, courageous, almost preternatural poetry sensibility.

Los Angeles Review of Books

full text at Los Angeles Review of Books


Fulton … can make you see the space between the stars.

The Boston Globe


An alchemy of language and the world beyond.

The New York Times Book Review


It is about the fragility that dies and the fragility that lives … about pleasure and pain. Heartbreaking. A tour de force.

Yale Review


To enter the world of Alice Fulton’s poems is to step into a space where language becomes an instrument.… Her risks pay off. This collection is sonorous, rich, and full of surprises.

The Rumpus


The book’s poems … register the aftershocks of a trauma so powerful that it challenges intellectual comprehension and ignites emotions so overwhelming words cannot contain them.

Hudson Review


Fulton has an ascetic saint’s sensibility.… One can imagine her in a cave, staring at a flame until she goes blind, in the name of whatever god will speak to her, if only it speaks true.

Open Letters Monthly


Collections often carry blurbs declaring the poet’s concern with loss and death — but this book … seems more courageously about these things than most. Fulton is a master of pushing her poems to the limits. The tone is so wonderfully inscrutable.… invested in exploring the lies we tell ourselves and each other to survive, and the languages that we lie in.

The Poetry Review (U.K.)


There is not a single page of this book in which I couldn’t find an astonishing line or image. I’m not sure I’ve ever read a poet who adventures through language so broadly and enthusiastically. A Fulton poem seems as effortless and thrilling as a Muhammad Ali spar session.

Numéro Cinq (Canada)

full text at Numéro Cinq


Establishes new territory for the lyric … an unraveling sense of urgency for the self and the world. Fulton moves between incomprehensible subjects — death, time, worldwide destruction — and the small manifestations by which we experience these realities. This collection travels the breadth of the universe and the human, leaving us searching our own experiences for such richness.

Colorado Review

full text at The Center for Literary Publishing


The poems leap off the page as if they were warm-blooded, three-dimensional organisms. A mind-bogglingly rich vocabulary, invented words, surprising line breaks and tonal shifts, sensuous sounds, ideas that go off in new directions … but always stay germane — these are the hallmarks of this influential style.

Antioch Review


Her work has compelled me to sit up and pay attention from the first … Her new collection, Barely Composed, is her best.… Fulton enacts the compulsion to bang our craniums against the conundrums. Any description I might devise … can only scant the exceptional richness of these peculiar visions. Sound and flux, advice and admonition — beautiful, imperious pronouncements.… Her speakers recall their experiences, but memories engender no calm. Antagonism and solitary wariness bristle on the brilliant surfaces.… Also, peculiar arias of phenomena.… How these features generate pleasure is Fulton’s genius.

On the Seawall

full text at On the Seawall


Fulton’s work will pierce your heart as she takes you to the very brink of extreme grief.… From tender, heartbreaking elegies to meditations on the creativity of art, all of her poems are vibrant, beautiful, thought-provoking, and in the end, entirely unsettling.

(the) Absolute


I’ve been reading and being astonished by Alice Fulton’s poems for many years.… The flexible stability of her forms allows Fulton to play wildly with her language.… The effect is cumulative, amplified.

Reading. Writing.

full text at Reading. Writing.


Breathtaking.… sonnets as magnificent as anything ever written in the form. A fascinating admixture of qualities that employ metaphysical, philosophical, literary and artistic themes. By turns elegant, romantic, noble, bawdy, and sincere … they also have Fulton’s ‘street,’ those reality checks that have made her persona so intriguingly complex and endearing. This is the kind of jazz that Fulton jaywalks across the page just as she takes us to operatic heights.

Against Interpretation

full text at Against Interpretation