Companion Map to The Nightingales of Troy

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Key to Map: The numbers within ovals correspond to page numbers in The Nightingales of Troy. White number in a gray oval (e.g.,Map key example ) marks a structure that still stands. Mouse over any number for label; click over number for photo.

11. The Garrahan Farm on Bog Rd.
13. Steamer to Albany, Ferry St. dock
14. St. Cieran's Home, fictional orphanage
15. Troy School of Arts and Crafts
25. Dufrane's Market
25. Sherlock's Grill
35. Port Schuyler
37. Erie Canal at 17th St., Watervliet
42. Home of Jim and Dolly Flynn
50. Site of Fox's Sweet Shop, 4th St.
52. Catholic High, 8th St.
55. Troy Hospital (old), 8th St.
69. Phoenix Hotel, 116th St. & 2nd Ave.
72. Sam Livingston's bootleg still, 113th St.
75. The Ship of Joy, 109th St. & 2nd Ave.
76. Hudson River tidal estuary terminus
78. Oakwood Cemetary
85. Oakwood Crematorium Chapel
91. Troy Sandwich, 559 Broadway
93. Rainbow Gardens, Middleburgh St.
109. Garrahan home, Glen Ave., Watervliet
118. Green Island Bridge (old)
119. Prospect Park
120. Frear's Department Store, Fulton St.
127. Freihofer's Bakery, 2nd Ave.
132. Min, Bess, and Lou Garrahan, 7th Ave.
133. St. Mary's Hospital, 10th Ave.
134. Geo. P. Ide & Co., President St.
134. Model Shirt Company, 5 Federal St.
134. Cluett factory, River St.
138. Proctor's Theater, 4th St.
138. St. Patrick's Church, 6th Ave.
149. Catholic Central High School, 7th Ave.
150. Troy High School, Burdett Ave.
153. Troy Public Library, 2nd St.
153. Herman Melville house, 114th St.
153. Tim Brunswick's house, 1st Ave.
178. Puritan Restuarant, 40 3rd St.
190. Lord & Tann store, Fulton & 4th St.
239. Off Track Betting, 2nd Ave. & 109th St.
241. Green Island Bridge (new)
249. Frear Park, 15th St.
284. The Livingston's home, Michigan Ave.

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The Nightingales of Troy